Well-managed procurement requires a reduction of maintenance and servicing costs. It entails quickly visible results. The dynamic development of retail chains is largely dependent on the efficiency of delivery processes. We offer the automated solutions, compatible with the leading e-commerce platforms. We accompany our clients at every step of the implementation.


One logistic system

Exorigo 360 offers the ability to manage warehouses real-time. This includes monitoring the flow of resources and incomes, as well as planning future distribution decisions. The logistics system allows for outsourcing and transfer of the shipment process.


Supply chain

The delivery processes run in line with the client's needs. We take care of full integration of ordering, purchasing and importing processes. We control the actual state of the warehouse, the location of the goods and their shipment. We are responsible for the management of suppliers and the automated cancellation of already initiated processes. Our implementations lead to the optimisation of working capital and sales results.


Full control over the process

Our activities have a high impact on business profits. This is possible due to the professional approach to all the elements of the process. We combine the current sales data with the history of reports. Therefore, it is possible to determine the demand for a given product in relation to specific numbers. This allows you to minimise the costs and the amount of unsold goods.


Exorigo 360 precise supply chain management for fast-moving omnichannel.