We design and implement mobile retail solutions that instill confidence and trust. Mobile shopping is not only for the millennials and generation zen. More and more people are using their smartphones while shopping. Are the retailers making the most of the mobile shopping journey?

Mobile is the critical link which drives the omnichannel retail, from research to promotion to buying online:

  • target your potential customers wherever they are;
  • use the promotion campaigning across all touchpoints;
  • merge online and offline successfully.


The multi-mobile growth opportunity

We put the customer journey before the device type. This way, we deliver a greater customer experience.


Optimising e-commerce, transitioning to omnichannel

  • overcoming the legacy in integrating the old with the new digital world for a seamless multi-mobile channel experience;
  • integrating the operations and marketing to ensure a single customer view;
  • synchronising channels with social media to offer the customer a unique, connected approach.


Delivering the multi-mobile channel experience with value

  • unlocking and delivering value on the basis of existing information;
  • delivering a personal experience for every retailer;
  • customer-centric, multi-mobile channel, mobility, operational efficiencies


Exorigo 360 – target your potential customers wherever they are.