We bring the worlds of retail and finance together. We design and program innovative customer profiled payment and loyalty solutions for international consumer commerce. We integrate payments, retail, and consumer finance and create strategic brand partnerships which add value. We write software for international banks. We work with leading banks and insurance companies to develop customer-centric omnichannel solutions.

New technologies and knowledge of financial and banking mechanisms allow us to create solutions that meet our customers' needs in this changing market, which are short lead times, fast customer base growth, reduced operating costs, and automation of processes. We create a variety of technological solutions that improve the functioning of the financial, insurance, and retail industries. We know the business, technical, and safety requirements associated with non-cash trading.

We implement projects in the area of payment systems development and services, focused on payment security and information security. We also create and design solutions (such as platforms, applications, and tools) that meet the requirements of specific projects.

Our offer:

  • Development of Payment Applications
  • Supervision of development projects of Applications and Payment Systems
  • Design of Secure Implementation of Payment Applications and Systems
  • PCI / PA-DSS Compliance Consultancy
  • Projects related to security of transactional systems and IT systems
  • Credit and payment card services
  • Implementing projects to manage the portfolio of investment funds
  • Creating tools, applications, and solutions tailored to the needs of the customer


  • ISO 27001