Design the mall for a great experience and make sure you build mobile into it as our kids spend minimum 6 hours on the phone a day, and they're fast.

Offline, online, e-commerce, multichannel, omnichannel, unified commerce with a single customer view. A plethora of technologies for every touchpoint, at every level in the organization. All that technology or an all-embracing digital transformation where everyone in the organization becomes an Olympic athlete, overnight.

The giants as Amazon have set the bar of what personalization can be. The consumers have been accustomed to expect personalized experienced from all the businesses they interact with.

While AI isn’t a complete answer to a prolific and safe future of retail, it can significantly come in handy when facing business obstacles. The fast-moving sector requires going hand in hand with the newest technology developments.

People counting technology is perfectly suited for groceries and other retail environments, giving an intelligence-lead competitive edge. Knowing more about the customers, how they shop, when they shop, and how they move through the stores gives a chance to improve levels of customer service to exceed expectations and encourage repeat visits.