Of course the digital dream's going to happen; come on, it has done in the UK. Out here in Poland, we're great at three things; all big components of bringing the omnichannel dream together: respond quickly, breathe omnichannel and advance on digital payments. Let me explain why.

We’re a bunch of technology geeks who have pioneered the growth of modern retail and digital finance in the fastest growing market of CEE. We believe in international omnichannel – anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Before I go into too much detail on what we do I thought I’d set a bit of context, so here we go, I’ve called it Digital Dream.

It’s all about data, real time data... dare I say, predictive data? Imagine a world of one space retail where we know what to put in which channel because we know where the customer’s going to buy and, most importantly, what’s going to get them back to buy more – inspirational customer journeys that build confidence and trust.

We’re in a massively changing retail world. Lets say we're building our new omnichannel warehouse; the product you want is out of stock, so we’ll send it to you from another store. Customers don’t think about channels. They want to shop with their tablet, mobile or in store; and they expect the same service wherever they are.

I was very impressed and honoured to have the opportunity to become the Chairman of Exorigo-Upos Group in quarter one this year. It’s a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work with such a great team. Thanks very much for all your warm wishes – very touching.