The number of Generation X shoppers buying the groceries online has grown considerably.

Competition continues to increase, and retail data analytics helps to get the picture. Understanding the customers is now essential to build a truly different customer experience. This year, leveraging the data analytics will bring you closer to your audience.

Design the mall for a great experience and make sure you build mobile into it as our kids spend minimum 6 hours on the phone a day, and they're fast.

Offline, online, e-commerce, multichannel, omnichannel, unified commerce with a single customer view. A plethora of technologies for every touchpoint, at the every level in the organization. All that technology or an all-embracing digital transformation where everyone in the organization becomes an Olympic athlete, overnight.

The giants as Amazon have set the bar of what a personalisation can be. The consumers have been accustomed to expect the personalised experiences from all the businesses they interact with.