In the grocery sector, loyalty programmes have been around for years, and now, with the right offering, might be more important than ever.

At Exorigo Upos, we are passionate about high performance retail.

Today we should be talking about flow not friction – we could call it the retail butterfly effect.

With convenience stores popping up all over the place, the growth of organic food shops and the latest city trend for ready to go recipe meals picked up in the deli or dispatched to home, I’m starting to get very interested in the systems that make all that happen. A report from a considerable survey on what’s going on in North America in the fresh food sector recently landed in my inbox. What did I find?

Imagine a world where you can purchase shoes, fashion, health and beauty care products, electronics, shaving sets and even a car directly from your favorite brand, with the single touch of a button. Well, that might just not be as far away as you think.