Gen X and grocery shopping online

The number of Generation X shoppers buying groceries online has grown considerably:

  • from 29% in 2018
  • to 40% in 2019*1

What do we know about the consumers in general, shopping online and delivery?

  • about 43% of all consumers report shopping online occasionally
  • 13% of shoppers use same or next-day delivery
  • 17% report using home delivery
  • 17% use in-store pickup
  • about 21% of those surveyed are regular online shoppers who shop either monthly (11%) or "frequent" shoppers who buy online at least every two weeks (10%)

Among frequent shoppers:

  • 13% use an online-only retailer "almost every time" and most of them are male, millennial and have a higher income.


Those born between 1965 and 1979 have a higher than average income and incredible spending power. Gen X spends more money than millennials – and the most money on wine and food of any generation. 2

No matter the generation, the in-store experience still matters and:

  • 57% of shoppers do not purchase groceries online.

Retailers are battling for loyalty and focusing on criteria like cleanliness, freshness, variety and low prices to drive customer satisfaction in brick-and-mortar stores. While online shoppers rank their online experience better than those in actual stores,

  • 43% of consumers who shop online also make more than one trip to their local store every week.

Baby Boomers and mature shoppers tend to associate with a supermarket as their primary store for grocery shopping (58%) but 28% of Gen X name supercenters as their primary store.