In previous publications, we have described what PIM systems are and the benefits of choosing a PIM solution from Akeneo. If, after reading this information, you have decided that this software would be a perfect fit for your company and would provide it with many benefits, there remains the choice of the development team to execute its implementation.

In the previous article, we presented the features and advantages of PIM systems. We encourage everyone, especially those who have never heard about them or have little knowledge in this field, to read the article. PIM systems have many advantages, sometimes they even seem essential for a successful business and should undoubtedly draw the attention of people managing modern companies. We also mentioned that there are several PIM systems, highlighting Akeneo among them.

Consumers today are increasingly conscious, and before making a purchase they look for as much information about the product as possible. This is fuelled by the increasing use of online shops, and Poland is among the leading countries with the fastest-growing expenditure on online shopping. In order to attract and not lose customers, companies should manage information about the merchandise they offer in the best possible way.

For the B2B companies, e-commmerce has become increasingly important and the choice of right platform may be the key to success.

A case study of a project implemented by Exorigo-Upos.