Case study. Implementation of Akeneo PIM in

A case study of a project implemented by Exorigo-Upos.

Challenge S.A. is a leader of innovative technological solutions in the e-commerce industry, selling shoes, bags and accessories. Currently, the company successfully operates in 16 European markets. It provides customers with one of the most comprehensive offers: over 140 000 products from over 560 brands. The company creates trends in the industry and implements ambitious projects, such as: providing millions of Poles with a groundbreaking service, which recommends properly fitting shoes based on a 3D scan, or creating the concept of the stationary shop, where products are not displayed, and tablets are used to view and order them. The company also launched its own sales platform - Modivo with premium clothing.

To maintain the dynamics of development, the level of sales in individual markets and maintain the highest customer service standards, was looking for a centralised and efficient system to manage product information for different e-commerce channels.

Due to the ongoing foreign expansion, the company wanted to include multilingual support in the solution. 

As a result of the available solutions' analysis, a selection was made of those that meet the essential requirements. The choice fell on the proven solution, namely Akeneo PIM in the Enterprise Edition version, and Exorigo-Upos was entrusted with the supplier's role in the implementation process.



This type of project is crucial to confirm whether a given tool meets the customer's requirements. decided to choose Akeneo PIM only after completing the Proof of Concept.

For the joint implementation of POC for Akeneo recommended Exorigo-Upos - official technology partner in Poland, specialising in PIM implementations. The work at this stage of the project was based on a close partnership between, Akeneo and Exorigo-Upos. All parties cared about the business and technical verification of the solution's original concept.


It was also crucial that the company performing the implementation had knowledge and experience in e-commerce. In this case, Exorigo-Upos, as an Adobe partner, was a proven provider - both in the implementation of shops on the Magento platform and in PIM integrations with shopping platforms. Besides, the company has been providing complex technological solutions for the retail sector for over 20 years and therefore knows its needs well.




The result

Currently, the PIM Akeneo is thoroughly used by all Modivo sites., Exorigo-Upos and Akeneo cooperate on an ongoing basis on the maintenance and further developing the solution.


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