The share of e-commerce in consumers' shopping basket is constantly growing. Their requirements for product delivery are also increasing. Today's consumers want to receive a product as quickly as possible from the moment of purchase - as if they were buying it directly from the shop shelf and not online. Large retail chains, in particular, should take care of the fastest possible delivery of goods from their offer. They have the opportunity to quickly implement this solution and can use it to build their competitive advantage.

A fiscal cash register is a requirement for many entities selling online. Fiscal module for e-commerce is the answer to the specificity and needs of these entrepreneurs.

Case study of a project carried out together with Super-Pharm and GoldenSubmarine.

Adobe, together with Econsultancy, has published the report Digital Trends 2021: Retail in Focus. The basis for this year's 11th edition was a survey of retailers, primarily multichannel and e-commerce businesses. The report examines their strategies and analyses the differences between the best-performing companies and those in the mainstream. It looks at how the retail industry has changed as a result of the pandemic, as well as the trends within the industry.

Projects carried out for our clients and observation of the market indicate a rapid increase in popularity of purchases made not only in e-commerce channels but also m-commerce. 82% of all internet users in the USA admit that they have used their mobile phone to make a purchase online. Slightly more than 30% of all online purchases are made on a smartphone, and conversions in mobile apps compared to "desktop" shops are three times higher. What could be the reason for this difference in conversions? There may be a number of factors, but an important one is a difference in the approach to designing mobile apps compared to RWD shops displayed on a mobile device or desktop. What principles should be applied to make browsing on mobile a positive experience and lead to a purchase? The following article will present a few principles that apply when creating m-commerce projects.