Unbundling Fashion

We believe that boundaries are set to be broken which is why we are constantly looking for better solutions for you to help your customers shop in a more digitised and engaging way than ever before. 

E-commerce sales are projected to hit over 400 million dollars in 2018. These numbers are a great forecast for a truly omnichannel retailer. However there is still one issue that keeps every online retailer awake at night - returns. 30%- accordinig to Invesp - of items bought online are being returned, which is a large number if you comapre it with the 8.89% of returns made in the bricks-and-mortar shops. We have been working tirelessly over the last years trying to eliminate that issue for our customers and make their life and the life of their customers easier. Our technology helps you deal with the issue by offering a perfect fit to your customers every time they shop. Find our more about this, yet another, cutting-edge solution from our innovation hub - Iron Code - by cliking here.