Off your trolley?

We take advantage of new technologies to help you and your customers discover new and exciting ways to shop. 

Avarage shopper spends about 53 hours per year on the grocery shop. And that - according to the Time Use Institute - applies to the ones that shop once a week and do it relatively quickly. The same research shows that most of us shop at the weekends and that means long queues and a bunch of unsatisfied and frustrated cutomers. Now imagine of you could cut that time in at least a half for them. Nearly 30 out of those 53 hours are spent on queuing. We know how valuable your customers' time is and that is why we have the technology to save that time for you. No more trolleys, no more queues and no more hastle. Your customers can enjoy their weekly food shop and save a lot of time, well at least 30 hours a year. Contact us for more information here.