POS Technology

We inspire, innovate and integrate advanced solutions that link every touch-point. Using 3D technology, we create advanced POS solutions which integrate omnichannel and power real time, dynamic pricing. We work with you to create innovative solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. We are experts in digital POS.

POS – how to attract the right customers and retain them?

We diagnose, design and deliver high performance POS systems for mobile retail.

How many loyalty cards have you got in your wallet? Do you really want to download another retail app? Or more to the point, do you really need to? Whether you are in a store or making a mobile visit, loyalty is a critical driver of product purchase decision making. In today’s omnichannel world it’s the ‘we find you’ not the ‘you find us’ that matters. Do your systems integrate with your customers?

Knowing who they are and what they want

  • 88% of consumers say they’re more likely to shop with retailers that deliver personalized and cross-channel connected experiences
  • Almost two third of marketers plan to increase spending on customer loyalty programmes in 2017 compared to 2016
  • Customers who are members of loyalty programs, generate between 12 and 18% more revenue than non-members

Do your systems integrate with your customers? Are you targeting the right customers – do you know who is coming into your store, how often they purchase and what is the size of their basket?

Offers which inspire and campaigns that matter

  • Special offers for special customers
  • Increase campaign performance
  • How big is your basket

Creating high powered digital store networks

  • Individualized in store promotions
  • Rapid response omnichannel campaigning
  • High powered e-tail – joining the dots

Intelligent POS - better data, more channels, bigger sales

As retailing moves at an ever increasing speed towards omnichannel, the need to understand customer behaviour across multi-channels has never been greater. Engage with your customers across:

  • Store, e-commerce, mobile and social media
  • Creating a personalized shopping experience
  • Better campaigning which attracts more customers to buy more

Exorigo360 – the power of POS – empowering customers to stay with you.

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