After Hours

At Exorigo-Upos we love to work and play. We support our employees at work and also want to help them have a good time after work. There are a number of activities you could be a part of: sailing, cycling, and fishing. We organise family picnics, where our employees can have fun together with their families and experience all the attractions prepared by us. 

Exorigo-Upos Cycling Group

For several years now we’ve had a cycling group in the company. Our aim is to bring together employees who are passionate about cycling to go on special trips in the biking season.

Exorigo-Upos Sailing Group

In September 2014, our company was invited to participate in the 3rd IBM Championship Regatta, along with other business partners. We’re pleased to say that we won 1st place in the Generalist Category.

Family Picnic

We are aware of the great role that families play in the lives of our employees. We're pleased that our employees take the time to participate in our family picnics and their kids take part in the many attractions during the events.

Christmas Eve meetings

We organise Christmas Eve dinner in Warsaw and Gliwice. A time to share Christmas wishes with our colleagues as the festive season starts. A time to start to think about Christmas and a time of celebration and joy.