Pricing (Executive)

The omnichannel sales are believed to be the most important element of brand recognition. We understand this, not forgetting the key role of price and service. Flexibility and skillful operations in this field is problematic for many service providers. Our 360-degree offer works just right.


Customer interest

We see the potential of price for driving business success. In order to manage it skillfully, the needs of consumers should be put in the first place. Every client wants to be treated individually, and our task is to make them feel this way. Time is a very important aspect of price management. The choice of the right moment to raise or lower the value of the product has a noticeable impact on sales. The seasonal promotion is one of the methods to gain the customer's attention. The personalisation allows you to specify what the customer depends on at the moment. You can work out a method of retaining the client for longer. Your attractive offer will encourage them to come back. The loyalty packages can be tailored to the individual needs. There’s no shortage of ways to manage the price sensibly. The choice of the best one depends on the client's preferences.


Exorigo 360 – omnichannel pricing that instills loyalty and trust.