Omnichannel solutions are competitive, and we are aware of that. In our activities, we rely on the customer's journey, matching the offer with the specific, individual consumers’ needs. They’re accompanied at every stage of the shopping process. The PIM we offer inspires both the service providers and the consumers, which allows us to build a mutual trust and common experience.


Convenient access to services

Customers want the access to services anywhere, anytime. Being aware of this, we propose the solutions that are available both stationary and mobile. Fast integration with the consumer requires smooth acquisition of information. We help you keep up with these expectations. PIM operates multichannel, which allows for immediate response to the emerging needs. Integration with mobile channels meets the requirements of modern, busy consumers often.


Tailored to your needs

We believe in the effectiveness of "scale as you grow" approach. It entails a successful alighnment of the offer with specific needs. Client's attention is caught with the help of visualisation and the information presented in a compelling way. We avoid a banner blindness, caring about the interactions helping to build positive retail relationships.


Exorigo 360 – delivering omnichannel PIM.