Resource planning is one of the most important aspects of business operations. Regardless of the size and nature of the company, the processes require control and coordination. Our ERP implementation is an innovative omnichannel sales support for rapid business development.


Coordinated system

We give our clients an unified system that allows for data management and movement within the company as well as external procedures. We improve the communication between departments, colleagues and partners. All information relevant to the functioning of the company is included within a single system, available to employees depending on their needs. Our solution enables to control the resources and update the real state of resources. Due to its order, a regular data supplementation is simple. Entrepreneur can control the state of resources required for contract performance. It's possible with automated processes and the integration of finance with e-commerce platforms. We introduce 360-degree visibility of data. It promotes the monitoring of specific products and defining a production area that reduces costs.


Exorigo 360 – select the right ERP for your business with us.