Session Stitching


Customer data is one of the most important aspects of building sales strategies. It allows to define the target group to which the offer will be dedicated. Defining preferences should be perceived broadly. It is about determining what the customer wants and what they doesn't want. It is necessary to look in a holistic way. It allows us to find out who we will be interacting with as part of a consumer journey. Having a complete set of information about the recipients of the strategy, you can think about what challenges the provider will have to face. For this purpose, we provide our clients with the option of session stitching. A thorough analysis allows defining a strategy for future actions. We interpret customer preferences for the use of specific devices while shopping, and then customise the design. We observe the actions of users on various channels. Then, based on the information gathered, we define their preferences. Thanks to this, we know that the prepared offer will meet their needs and expectations.