The key to customer satisfaction is convenience which is applicable also to the payments for services. The form of purchase preferred by the consumers is now most important.


Client in the times of mobile solutions

The modern consumers use their smartphones also when shopping in a stationary store. They search for the products previously seen online in order to compare the prices and check the quality. This is a standard behavior we must be prepared for. The buyers increasingly use the mobile devices at the stage of payment. Many of them is eager to give up the cash option for the benefit of new technologies.


Personalisation of payments

The financial institutions are ready for technological novelties. The retail sector follows suit and wants to keep up-to-date, trying to meet the clients preferences. It’s necessary to optimise the online and mobile systems to increase payments. The changes also apply to the staff in the stationary stores. Employees should be equipped with appropriate devices for mobile payments or convenient screens that display the information the client needs to make their purchases.


Exorigo 360 – integrating personalised payments in the omnichannel world.