Business Analytics

Making the most of customer insights? Helping you understand what your customers are going to do before they do it
A successful retailer today knows who comes into their store. Tomorrow, retailers need to know what they are going to buy as they set about their shopping journey. Great analytics is all about understanding your customers’ needs before they enter the store – online or offline: What do you think they want to buy? What they are actually prepared to pay for? What have they bought recently and what you think they need already?
Designing personalised offers, which engage and attract customers to come back for more. You’ve got all the data – all vital information for putting together promotional campaigning and creating brand service value. You’ve got customer, transaction, and promotions data, as well as loyalty marketing, shelf, and assortment data and pricing, and on top of that, third party data integration.
Optimising and merging in-store with multi-channel, the rise of the pop-up store, click, shop and drop, eBay and Amazon marketplace integration. Mobile matters. We integrate real time data from every touchpoint. We are experts in predictive analytics and machine learning.

Understand tomorrow based on today.


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