About Us

What we do?


We inspire, innovate and integrate tomorrow's digital networks, today:

  • Omnichannel Retail - 360 view
  • Fintech and Insuretech
  • Manufacturing and Fulfillment
  • Space Management

Creativity, commitment, and consistency are the cornerstones of our company’s ethos, it's what we do.

We do everything to help our customers achieve their goals and go beyond, and we do that by discovering, designing, and delivering the solutions that best fit their needs.

We believe that end consumers today choose products primarily because they're easy to use, transparent – in terms of price and quality – personalised, and available to them via the digital channels they want it from.

The Exorigo-Upos S.A. was built upon three main business areas – Omnichannel retail, Outsourcing, and FinTech. As time went on, however, the group expanded its scope to incorporate other areas such as Real Estate and Innovation – which actually spans across all the others.

The group is structured so that each of the market sectors we work in is served by one or more brands. This structure allows us to deliver market-focused products and services which fulfil the promise of the Exorigo-Upos S.A. in a way that's clear and concise for our customers and theirs, while also giving us space to grow into the future.






We're a team of more than 600 people, passionate about creating great customer journeys, working across Europe, who live and breathe digital.

Our staff offer thousands of years of combined know-how, pulling together the processes which create world-class omnichannel experiences, the most efficient POS and Payment solutions, modern space management tools, and most importantly, we push the boundaries ever further with our unique combination of wisdom and innovation.

We work with the biggest players in the business, online and offline. We work with leading global and regional brands to optimise traditional sales channels and create new growth opportunities.

Today’s retail revolution requires fundamental organisational change and the Exorigo-Upos S.A. can help you get there.