Single File Control

On 1st July 2016 ‘Single File Control’  for Enterprises will be introduced. This requires the adaptation of equipment related to internal accounting, administration and storage with new functionality that allows you to generate additional reports – uniform control files. These reports should contain data from 5 areas of business - accounting records, VAT records, sales invoices and purchase, bank statements and warehouse operations.

If you are using Oracle EBS and other financial and accounting systems, need help in the creation and generation of Uniform control files, please contact: and we will be pleased to help you.

Exorigo Upos is an officially certified partner of Oracle. Our team has a wealth of practical knowledge and experience with the implementation of Oracle EBS. We are experts in designing, installing and maintaining globally approved systems for business operations, finance and accounting.

We support our customers by:

  • Analysis of systems and processes and the adaptation to generate Uniform control files.
  • Application and system design
  • Analysis and optimization of business processes.
  • Integration of the system with multi-data sources
  • Integration of the system with data warehouses, BI solutions (data export toOF).
  • Implementation, expansion and modification of existing functionality.
  • Preparing and conducting training for system users and system administrators.
  • Testing applications and customized solutions
  • Preparation of project documentation and system
  • Implementation of the agreed SLA.
  • Ongoing support users - hot-line.
  • Maintenance and repair of applications and interface
  • Representation in dealing with Oracle Support.
  • Management SO and databases
  • System Support - We also propose various options for implementing the service, from full outsourcing services along with hosting servers to support the selected application components.

For more information about Oracle EBS please click here